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What is English at Holly Grove?

At Holly Grove Primary School, we believe that English and communication are key life skills. Through the English curriculum, we will help children develop the skills and knowledge that will enable them to communicate effectively and creatively through spoken and written language and equip them with the skills to become lifelong learners.

English is at the heart of all children’s learning. It enables children both to communicate with others effectively for a variety of purposes and to examine their own and others’ experiences, feelings and ideas, giving these order and meaning.

We believe that Reading is a life skill that every child should be entitled to have. Without the ability to read and decode text, so much is closed off to a child and later as an adult. We want not only to inspire children through books but also to promote a love of reading to empower our children to become life long readers. Books should not be seen as a chore but as a gateway to other worlds, the opening of our imaginations.

English is central to children’s intellectual, emotional and social development it has an essential role across the curriculum and helps pupils’ learning to be coherent and progressive. Our Torch values can be seen throughout the subject where we use texts to reinforce tolerance, respect, cooperation, responsibility and positivity.

Holly Grove firmly believes that the teaching of the English curriculum will be inclusive to all children, inspiring them through an outstanding learning experience, which will enable them to make good progress and leave us as responsible, happy citizens with hopefully a love of Reading.

 We Read (New online home reading log)


Online reading log for parents to record home reading instead of a paper based reading diaries. 


Phonics and Early Reading is closely linked, At Holly Grove we follow 'Little Wandle Letters and Sounds' phonics programme. In line with the programme children have access to Big Cat Collins reading books. 

All children in Reception and Year 1 have 3 reading sessions a week.

1st Session - Decoding  - where children will read their new book homing in on their phonics knowledge and skills

2nd Session - Prosody - This is where children will learn about using expression in their voice when reading, 

3rd Session - Comprehension- Having a more in depth look at the story that children are reading. 

For more information regarding phonics at Holly Grove, please click on the link: https://www.hollygroveschool.co.uk/phonics-5/ 

English Pupil Voice At Holly Grove 


Our English curriculum aims to inspire and educate our children to be able to confidently read, write and comprehend a wide range of written materials.

Subject Intent English.pdf


The documents below identify the key elements which we believe are important to incorporate into our English lessons for the children to build on previously taught knowledge and to deepen and secure key concepts. 

  • Our pathway for a unit of work in English (Please note: the order of the pathway may be different but all elements will still be covered).
  • Our pathway for a lesson in English and Whole Class Reading (Please note: the order of the pathway may be different but all elements will still be covered).

English unit.pdf

English lesson.pdf

Whole Class Reading lesson.pdf



Our English Curriculum

National Curriculum Primary English

Two Year Cycles

Two Year Cycle-year1and2.pdf



Vocabulary Progression.pdf

Year1-6 National Curriculum Writing.pdf

Additional Information

The following resources are progression grids for other elements of the English curriculum including spelling and text types.

HFW Word List Reception-Year 6.pdf

Spelling Shed - Year 1-6.pdf

Writing purposes text types.pdf


Reading at Home This link will bring you to videos on supporting your children with reading and comprehension skills.  


Reading at Home This link will take you to Oxford Owls where you will find a wealth of information to help you. It's split into year groups and age ranges. There are parents guides as well as practical activities to do with your child.  

Free on line books This link will take you to a library of hundreds of free books that your child can read on a tablet, or other mobile device. You do have to register but it is free.   

Writing Writing Lots of advice in helping your child write at home, including a video on handwriting.   

Writing Encouraging creative writing at home with free resources to download and a blog with tips.

Grammar and Punctuation This link has great videos to support you at home helping your children with Grammar and Punctuation. The videos are half way down the page.

Suggested Resources

English resource suggestions.docx

Suggested Websites

Please note these are external links and we cannot be held responsible for the content. 

Literacy event calendar   

Spelling Shed Please use this link to log on to your child's Spelling Shed account.

The School Run A helpful website for parents including homework advice and definitions of key vocabulary. 

Teach Handwriting Link to our continuous cursive handwriting style. The website includes videos and worksheets.

Recommended Reading Lists Lists of recommended books for each age group from Nursery to Year 6.