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Holly Grove Primary Academy

Physical Education 

What is Physical Education?

At Holly Grove Primary School, we acknowledge that Physical Education (PE), sport and physical activity play a crucial role in the physical development, health and well-being of our children.  This allows pupils to lead full and valuable lives through participation in a wide variety of enjoyable and inspiring activities.  These activities include competitive and non-competitive games.

Our aim is to engage, inspire and nurture every child's potential through PE and school sport that meets the needs, interests and aspirations of our young athletes. In particular, we aim to provide the children with learning experiences that will enable them to develop the knowledege, the confidence, the skills, have the motivation and the ability to lead a physically active life. 

We will encourage our children to observe the importance of our TORCH values alongside the sports values of determination, passion, respect, honest, self-belief and teamwork. 

What our pupils say about PE ... 


Our PE curriculum aims to provide children at Holly Grove with a wide variety of physical skills and knowledge that will enable them lead a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.  We want them to embrace PE and understand that fitness can take on many forms and enjoy the prospect of sport.  We want our children to feel confident about sport and have the attitude of 'giving it a go'. Pupils need to understand that sport is fun and that their are many types of sport. 

Physical Education Curriculum Intent.pdf


Through curriculum delivery and Enrichment choices at Holly Grove, we will 

  • provide enrichment opportunities to raise awareness of how to lead a healthy lifestyle (i.e. Olympics / Commonweath days / Fit for life)
  • Ensure Inter and Intra school opportunities are available to all children.
  • Good use of outside agencies to support deliver NC and enhance the provision to the children.
  • High quality PE delivery from Staff to ensure confidence is transferred on to children.

Unit pathway PE.pdf

PE lesson pathway.pdf


PRIMARY national curriculum-PE.pdf