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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Good Mental Health


Here are some resources that may help you.


There are lots of great resources on this site including videos, help sheets on Coronavirus as well as general mental health.

Some fun ways to help to maintain health and happiness at home. These activities are aimed at a range of ages. 

Kids’ brains have to work pretty hard these days. They seem to have more jam-packed school and home lives than our generation and all the bright, busy screens competing for their attention make quiet time hard to come by. 

Mindfulness is a great way to introduce a little stillness into their days. Even the most basic techniques can help to improve their concentration and self-awareness and empower them to better manage their emotions.

Here are five fun and simple activities you could try with your kids at home... Five mindfulness activities to do at home

Beatbox and breathe

Vocal Beats is a channel designed with young people and for young people to learn beatboxing, singing and breathing techniques.You’ll also hear other young people’s stories. Watch a tutorial.


Do a five-minute meditation with the National Gallery

Take five minutes to look slowly at a painting from the National Gallery and practise meditation. Find a quiet spot, get comfy, watch and listen. Watch the video.


Mental Health and Well-being Summer activities

Self-care is about what you can do to help yourself feel better or to keep yourself feeling good.

The #SelfcareSummer Primary resource is full of fun activities designed to help children look after their mental health and wellbeing while enjoying themselves. It also signposts them and their families to additional support if they need it.

It’s all part of the Centre's #SelfcareSummer campaign which highlights activities, support and advice every day throughout the summer. It includes Challenge Tuesdays where young people can share their artwork, photography, poems, crafts or activities to help support their wellbeing over the summer.